"I joined RAW Acting Studio after meeting Guy in Venice Beach and overhearing him advise a young actor. As someone who has been acting professionally for 25 years, I found his advice spot on, passionate and full of insight. I introduced myself and was struck immediately by Guy's curiosity.

As a great actor, Guy understands that it gets really interesting when you make it about the other person and give generously with imagination and courage. I accepted his invitation to visit the class and he put me to work right away. It's a working actors class and it's always about the work. I have enjoyed the way Guy and the other actors prioritize rehearsal and process over performance and keep the space safe but edgy and alive. I say edgy, because it can be uncomfortable to step into bold work.

But RAW is about going deep, playing constantly, exploring with genuine curiosity and support throughout. Guy sees clearly and he encourages you to build awareness, to work hard and to be generous with yourself and others. The range of skill levels and age groups is wide, and this creates a really dynamic environment. It's been like pure oxygen and I am working all the time.”

---Douglas Weston (NCIS:LA, Fantastic Four, The West Wing)

"RAW acting studio is a wonderful space to study! I have coached with Guy Camilleri on my bookings in LA and NY! His insights into the human condition are profound, exciting and challenging. Guy engages you, in fact, he encourages you to listen to your gut, take risks and make bold choices. I need a safe space to explore that is not result oriented... and as a result, I've seen tremendous growth in my work. I've had numerous bookings since studying with Guy.

His audition technique is empowering and liberating in that he himself comes from a place of strength. I have found this to be a critical element when choosing a teacher. In addition, he’s empathetic, a great listener and very, very funny. I highly recommend studying at RAW acting studio. Guy invites you to play within the work and to keep working on reminding yourself that that’s what it is… play!"

---Ho-Jung (Lakeview Terrace, Get Smart, A Beautiful Life, Gilmore Girls, Protect and Serve, Stevie D)

“Guy Camilleri is a superb teacher. In my 20 plus years as an actor in NYC and LA, never have I been so inspired by a teacher to be as authentic and real in my work as Guy encourages me to be. He has created an extremely dynamic acting studio, that is safe and nurturing as well as challenging, focused and no nonsense.  Great mix of veteran actors and actresses as well as beginning actors.”

-Rod Sweitzer ( As The World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Chris Rising)

"Guy has been not only a wonderful teacher, but also an incredible mentor and friend. Since I joined RAW acting studio, Guy's direction and guidance has helped me to grow both as an actor and as a person. I have gained confidence, skills and tools to aid me as I go forward in my career as an actor. 

He continues to challenge me in every class and I am always amazed at the new things I am learning each week. I feel that becoming a member of RAW acting studio has been the most valuable thing I have done for my career in Los Angeles and I look forward to continuing to work with Guy and my studio colleagues." 

---Casey O’Keefe (Ray Donovan, Two Broke Girls, Grandfathered, Halloweed, The Young and the Restless)

"Guy Camilleri's coaching can be likened to that of a Zen master - giving It to you straight. He is so crystal clear in his coaching that you really get every single intention that could possibly be in a script.” 

---Roman Wyden (Director, Writer, Producer; Roster, LA)

"Guy is a great acting coach and teacher!  I have taken classes with Uta Hagen, Jeff Corey and the Actors Studio in NY and LA. Hands down, Guy Camilleri at RAW acting studio is the best acting teacher/coach I have ever worked with and the best bang for your buck. One of the most difficult things to find in Los Angeles is an acting coach who will not break you, and actually allows you to find the “breakthrough" moments of your craft. I highly recommend him." 

---Thomas Owen (Grey’s Anatomy, Days of Our Lives, 90210, Who’s Driving Doug)

"Before I started working with Guy I was stuck. I had lost my passion and my confidence in acting. I had never had a teacher before that gives as much attention as he does. He always makes himself available to talk outside of class if needed. He is also emphatic in regards to maintaining a studio where you feel supported and can take risks. His intensity, relentless pursuit of finding the truth in a moment, and passion for the work is infectious. Guy is a rare find.” 

---Rebecca Silberman  (Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike)

"I came to Guy's class feeling really "rusty" and unsure of myself, as I hadn't been in a class for a long time. Guy is a dedicated and caring teacher. He supports you in going where you want to go, he lets you experiment, and he encourages you to follow your instincts while always challenging you to make your work specific and personal. After a few classes, I felt like I was back on my game and doing some of the best creative work I've done onstage. Thank you, Guy."

---Karl Hamann (Mr. Woodcock, Protecting the King, What about Brian, Gilmore Girls, Alias)

“Thank you for providing an amazing safe space for actors to hone their skills, deepen their craft grow & learn. Your commitment to the craft & being of service is evident each & every week as you help guide your students to make discoveries on their own, harness their power and uniqueness and most importantly, to take risks without the fear of being judged. You have uncanny insight and your ability to help each student harness their talent thru a myriad of exercises that helps free the instrument to truly play in a way that's not result oriented is highly successful. Bar none RAW acting studio supports the true meaning of a community of artists supporting each other without judgement to create & collaborate!”

---Tara Christopher (Criminal Minds, Unusual Suspects)

"What you bring to class is important - what's more important is that you take away more than you bring. At RAW acting studio, Guy Camilleri will do that for you."

---Bill Jackson (Grey’s Anatomy, Cold Case, Trouble is my Business)

"Guy Camilleri is an insightful, caring, passionate teacher of acting.  He has crafted a creative environment in which every artist is invited to reveal his or her emotional truth, play, explore, experiment, collaborate, and dare to take risks. My experience at RAW acting studio has been one of tremendous creative growth in a safe space where I have been supported and guided in my continuing journey to clarify my artistic voice, imagine without limits, and act from a place of emotional honesty. 

Guy encourages his students to trust their own instincts about their work, empowering them to be independently self-assured artists. At the same time, he offers instruction that allows them to see their blind spots and provides them with tools to overcome these obstacles to the creative process. 

Guy's combination of compassion and passion uplifts students while holding them accountable to their artistic and professional ambitions. I recommend this studio to any actor who desires to cultivate greater emotional and creative freedom and take bold risks to attain a new level of work." 

---Jasmine Woods  (He’s Just Not That Into You, Cold Case)

“Hands down the BEST actors studio I have studied with in my life as an actor! Highly recommended!”

---Kyle Sing (Angle of Incidence, Convergence)

“Guy Camilleri makes it possible to explore and discover the vulnerability in a piece, thus achieving real power and always in a safe space.”

---Michael Fallon

“RAW acting studio is just that, raw! I actually like to audition now. It used to be something I could not stand and secretly feared. Would they like me, am I doing it right, will I get a callback?? Although all those things are important, I now look at it as my opportunity to do ME. The "Hot Reads" (not cold, as Guy likes to say), section of the class is a favorite of mine. We are tasked to make a big, bold choices or go home... not literally, but that's what we're after. Everyone is different, but for me, I can't believe I went from hating and fearing auditions to "bring it on." Thanks, Guy!”

---John Galmiche (Young Lust)

“I have studied with Guy Camilleri at RAW acting studio when I first arrived in LA in 2012. Since then I have been signed for representation with Mazlea Talent Agency and auditioned for over 150 projects. Guy assigns so many incredible scenes and monologues from the best classic and contemporary and has encouraged me to audition for theater. As a result, I've performed in Ovation award winning plays, in films, and on television. I have definitely seen extreme growth in myself as an actor, and I can attribute so much of that to Guy's coaching and having a safe, non-judgmental space to work and experiment week after week.”

---Alex Denney (Sex sent me to the ER, Juke Box Hero)