Private Coaching

PRIVATE COACHING:  Why be excellent when you can be undeniable?

- on set
- auditions/call-backs
- script analysis
- building a character
- passion projects 

Being receptive to coaching speaks volumes about your enthusiasm and commitment to acting and to shifting your perception in order to attain dynamic results. Answering these three questions will help set the stage for an exciting and rewarding collaboration between us. Take a moment to do so: 

1. Do you have something at stake... a vision quest, passion project, or an acting opportunity that might take you out of your comfort zone? 

2. Is there a gap between where you are now in your career and where you want to be? 

3. Do you see yourself as a proactive participant in the coaching process? 

If these ring true for you, private and focused work with Guy at RAW acting studio will be of value to you as an actor. 

Private coaching is $100/hr. in person in Los Angeles. Coaching is also available via SKYPE or on the phone. A package of 4 sessions is $350.00. 

Email or call 323.533.9263 to book a session or package.