RAW acting studio provides actors a safe, exciting and focused environment to cultivate their imagination and craft.  Class is comprised of audition technique, prepared scenes, monologues, original work, improvisation, and specific exercises.

Class size is limited; actors work in every class. Audits are available.

Raw acting studio is located at the Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Ave., Venice, CA 90291.  Class is on Wednesday nights from 7:00 - 11:00pm

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Raw Specifics

Actors works in every class
Think of RAW acting studio as your safe and dynamic space to explore and create projects. Learn to make bold choices; go out on a limb with prepared scene work and monologues without the fear of being judged. As much as we learn through observing, acting is 'doing' and the doing requires practice. At RAW, you have the opportunity to work in class every week. 

Audition technique
An audition is AN OPPORTUNITY TO ACT. Acquire specific auditioning tools to book the casting director, then get the role. At RAW, we practice working with intention, sub-text, intuition and imagination to demystify the audition process. Learn how to make choices that excite you. Become undeniable and experience or re-experience the joy of allowing those in the room to revel in your talent. 

At RAW, we focus on experiential acting in place of representational acting. Discovering how to exist on the razors edge between improvisation and scripted text is thrilling and immensely fulfilling. Improvisation and specific exercises to remain open and uninhibited are prescribed to facilitate having a full experience in the moment, moment to moment.

Hot readings (who wants to be cold?)
What do you do when you get the call with an audition for the next day or better yet, in a few hours or less? How do you cope when a casting director/director asks you to read another part instead of the one you prepared for? RAW actors separate themselves from the pack by knowing how to dig in and get to work instantly. Together, we work on how to be as specific and HOT as possible in order to serve the artist in you... right now. 

Consultation every 8 Weeks Why do we meet? We meet every 8 weeks to assess where you are within the work and what specific areas you want to work on, or need to work the following 8 weeks. Being of service to your artistry is exciting for us at RAW, at the same time it's important that we are on the same path... the path you want to be on, not the one someone else feels you should be on. 

Become your own best sovereign
Own the space you work in, whether it's in a class, on-set, on the stage or in a casting office. At RAW, we practice, practice, practice: specificity is my friend. Learn how to take specifics and apply them with laser-like focus in whatever setting you happen to find yourself in. 

Acting Is play
At RAW, we've created a safe space for you to be a reality chaser within a given set of circumstances. Yes, it's hard work and yes it's play. 

We are confident at RAW you will deepen or develop craft, re-energize your artistry, increase your booking rate and become a paid working actor...if you're not already. We invite you to come join us, throw some love into your work and practice keeping it light along the way.

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Come Find Us

When:  Wednesdays: 7:00pm - 11:00pm

Where:  1416 Electric Avenue, Venice, Los Angeles, CA 90291

Parking:  Free parking provided on the lot!

Cost:  $250.00 for 4 consecutive classes. Actors have the opportunity to work in every class. This is an open-level class.