About Raw Acting Studio

RAW acting studio (Venice) is where actors, writers and directors explore, create and produce projects in a collaborative, dynamic and affordable space. 

As a working actor, writer and producer, I started RAW acting studio for artists who take craft seriously and appreciate the significance of practicing their skill set on a regular basis. RAW acting studio is the perfect space to deepen and develop your craft, make bold choices; take risks and kick start a passion project.  

If you are an actor, RAW acting studio operates from the belief that every artist needs a sacred and safe space to explore the human condition without judgment and hidden agendas. In addition, we have an immense catalog of scenes, monologues and exercises to choose from. Whether you are a working actor, or working toward becoming a working actor, audition technique is front and center at RAW acting studio. Each week, we pass out scenes at the top of the evening to practice this important and sometimes awkward skill, keeping actors sharp for callbacks and auditions.

At RAW, we have a deep appreciation for writers and honor the carefully crafted words on the page. Writers have the unique opportunity to bring in ten pages, choose from a group of highly versatile and talented actors and hear their pages come to life. This process is highly valuable as it allows the writer to discover if they are on the right track and like what they hear. In addition, supportive feedback is provided from the class at the writer’s request. 

For working and aspiring directors, RAW acting studio is the perfect space to hone your directing skills. You will deepen your understanding of an actor’s process through directing scenes and monologues. Over time, directors develop a richer appreciation for the language actors speak. This is an important take away for directors and actors; directors develop a deeper understanding of how to communicate their vision to actors and actors learn how express a director’s vision on the set, stage and in casting offices.

Bottom line, we love actors, writers and directors. That’s why at RAW acting studio we treat each artist as an adult. Approaching the art form as adults and from these three angles (acting, writing, directing) has resulted in profound and deeply rewarding work in the studio each week.

RAW acting studio was built from a place of strength not fear; we strongly promote and encourage approaching all aspects of the work as a collaborator in place of simply being ‘liked’. Being liked is the death of an artist and a waste of energy. Learning to honor and express your ‘point of view’ is incredibly satisfying and a heck of lot more fun! I’m confident RAW acting studio will be of service to you on your journey, ensuring that your unique voice WILL BE HEARD.

About Guy Camilleri

Guy is a Los Angeles based actor, teacher, screenwriter and producer. He has been coaching actors in New York and Los Angeles since 2004. RAW acting studio was opened in 2010 in response to Guy's clients requesting he open a studio to work in weekly. His approach to teaching is a combination of studying with master teacher/director Gene Frankel for 7 years in New York and as a working actor for 15 years.  

In addition to owning RAW acting studio, Guy is a working actor, screenwriter and producer. He starred in (Harry) and produced the Los Angeles premiere and critically acclaimed production of Chinese Coffee by Ira Lewis. Guy received rave reviews for his work; most notably in the LA Times & LA Weekly. Chinese Coffee was directed by the highly esteemed Jack Heller. 

Guy also produced the critically acclaimed production of Jean Cocteau's The Human Voice at the Elephant Theatre. Dan Bonnell directed Ho-Jung in a tour de force performance. 

His film and television credits include Stevie D, Electrick Children, Political Disasters, Danika, Rx, Late Watch, Two Lost in a Dirty Night (shot on location in Brazil), House, Crossing Jordan, Simple Revenge and Love Without Borders (shot on location in Moscow, Russia). Guy has starred in numerous other films in Los Angeles and New York. 

Guy's theatre credits in Los Angeles include; Chinese Coffee (Harry) by Ira Lewis at the Flight Theatre and After the Fall (Dan) by Arthur Miller at the Open Fist Theatre. Off-Broadway; Two Rooms (Michael) by Lee Blessing at the Atlantic Theater and Reclamation (Anthony) at the Samuel Beckett Theatre. Regional credits include The Fantastic:. (Mortimer) at the Hangar Theatre in New York. Guy has performed in numerous Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway productions. 

In addition, Guy was an innovator and leader in the field of fitness and nutrition in Hawaii for 15 years. Some notable clients include; Tony Curtis, Charo, Gil Janklowicz, Kapono Beamer and Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi. 

Currently, Guy is pre-production on a feature film that he wrote and is producing. He just completed writing a feature length screenplay and a book of poems. He is a proud member of the MSA (Malibu Surfing Association) competing in contests up and down the coast of California and assisting in keeping the ocean healthy.